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Commercial CCTV Video Surveillance

Let us help build you a security camera system that best suits your needs. Whether it’s just one or multiple cameras, protect your business with our professional security systems. We work with you to develop your ideal security solution. Options such as audio, hardware colour preference, quality from 2 to 12 megapixels, and more are available.

Our video surveillance is user-friendly and provides peace of mind by allowing you to check in on your property, anytime, anywhere. Easily view it locally from a stationed monitor/TV, or remotely using a phone, tablet, or laptop via the free app.

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Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems & Automation

With JR Security, we can help protect your business 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year with our alarm systems. Together, we can develop a system that’s tailored to your security needs and provides you with the best protection. We offer door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke and CO sensors, flood/water sensors, and temperature sensors.

Our alarm system is user-friendly and allows you to view and arm/disarm your system from anywhere in the world with the convenience from your phone. Our alarm systems are professionally monitored thanks to our dedicated monitoring station.

Automation can be integrated with the alarm and consists of lights, locks and thermostats.

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Commercial Access Control & Intercom

Access control provides an efficient way of securing your property and assets. The system gives you the option of using key fobs, mag strip cards, numeric pin code, biometric scanner, facial recognition, or a phone via Bluetooth to gain entry into the building through controlled doors. Easily program daily schedules allowing individuals access during certain times of the day or night. This also includes allowing access through specific doors.

Only need to give someone access till a certain date and/or time? Allowing temporary access for individuals such as contractors during a renovation, can easily be set for your convenience and peace of mind. Daily logs with date and time allows you to keep track of those entering and exiting. The use of an intercom gives you the option of video calls to indoor stationed monitor or to your phone through call or video via the free mobile app. Having an intercom at your door allows you to view who is at the door and communicate from anywhere in the world.

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